Kindertanz Club

Children’s dance in Teltow

You can not start dancing soon enough! Children love exercise! Add to that some cool music that the kids know, and you get something great. Guided by our highly qualified dance teacher team, we teach your child how to dance.

Jumping, clapping and rehearsing smaller choreographies to ensure success in sets. Become part of our dance school in Teltow. Dance classes for children increase self-confidence, motor skills and social skills.


Why child dance?

A dance class for children promotes development. Let us convince you of our many years of experience and the enthusiasm to develop children. A children’s dance class gives your child the chance to be completely creative.

Dancing links several areas in the brain and makes you smart. Through our dance school in Berlin, it is possible that you can attend additional children’s dance courses in Berlin with your membership. Take advantage of the offer, if the dates should not be fit.

Here you can see all dance classes in Berlin


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